Easy Loft Storage on a Budget

By Liam Sumner30/03/2023
Bedroom setting with double bed, side table, radiator, chair and table

By Liam Sumner - 09/08/2022

With slanted ceilings, unique spaces, and awkward layouts, lofts can be a tricky space to utilise. Done well, a loft can be a lifesaver when it comes to decluttering your home, keeping non-seasonal items out of the way. Placing all your Christmas decorations in a couple of boxes and then throwing them in your loft not long into January is what tends to occur in most houses. Loft storage doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, with some of the most effective solutions being the simplest. With these tips you can become the master of how to make loft storage space, and in-turn have a tidier home.



1. Ensure you have a stable floor

An issue that a lot of people face when placing items in a loft is how much reliable floor space you have. The last thing you want is for your suitcase full of summer clothes to land in front of you as you’re watching the telly, leaving you with an expensive hole to fill in your ceiling. To avoid this nightmare scenario, make sure your floor is stable. There are a few ways to do this and figuring out the most suitable option for your loft may take a little research, but at the end you will have a reliable space you can store more in and is a lot safer.



2. Go with the slopes

Otherwise known as eaves, the slanted ceiling is a staple of most lofts, but many are unaware of how to make the most of this space. Give the unused room underneath your eaves a practical purpose with the insertion of cupboards. If you can, get a unit that goes with the slant and gets smaller as you approach the wall, and you’ll be able to make full advantage of this section of your loft. When undertaking a loft conversion, storage ideas are something you’re going to be looking for and this is one you simply can’t ignore. This can be done by yourself, elevating the visual and practical contribution to your awkward area.

3. Look under your bed

Don’t worry, you won’t find any monsters, but instead a whole heap of storage space. If you’re using your loft as a bedroom, the bed will take up a great deal of space but use it to your advantage. Get your clothes storage organised with a compartmentalised drawer or space saving vacuum bags that can fit neatly under your bed, keeping out-of-season apparel out the way. Using your loft for clothes storage is incredibly sensible, allowing you to store away your seasonal garments that you don’t wear for months and would otherwise be cluttering your home.



4. Get some shelf respect

When there might be a shortage of floor space in your loft, you should turn to your walls for effective and attractive storage. Twin slot shelving is a superb choice, letting you customise the number of shelves you have and the gap between them for your items. With steel, glass, and wood options that come in a range of colours, as well as rail options that are ideal for hanging items, you can fully adapt twin slot shelving to suit your needs and interior. Able to withhold a lot of weight and incredibly easy to assemble, these might be just what you need. Floating shelves are also a great option, being quick to mount. A wonderfully attractive place to store your smaller items that adds flair to your loft, you can have as many as you see fit or your wall can manage.

5. Upcycle Furniture

With awkward spaces to fill, finding furniture that fits aesthetically and is practical might not always be easy to do. However, if you own or come across a piece of furniture, such as a bookcase that has seen better days, customising the unit to fit your loft is an incredibly smart choice. With the ability to change whatever you want about it, you can adapt the shape to work with slanted ceilings, the style of it to suit your interior, and save a great deal of money in the process. DIY might not be for everyone but grab a friend or family member to help and you really can find yourself having a lot of fun revamping vintage furnishings to suit you loft layout.



6. Boxes instead of bags

It might well be true that you can get a good deal of storage in your loft via bags, but it definitely isn’t the best option. They don’t look as good compared to boxes, they are harder to label and identify what’s inside, and are all round just a lazy way of going about loft storage that you’ll eventually come to regret.

Storage boxes are an excellent way of keeping everything neatly together and there are so many options out there. You can opt for transparent boxes if you want to see the contents inside, otherwise, there are a range of materials such as wood, felt, and plastic that will keep your items covered. Some boxes come with label slots, but if not, you should incorporate this as it will help with organisation and eliminate the stress of hunting for a particular item. For those with excessive shoes that aren’t going to worn for long periods of time, stackable shoe boxes are the ideal solution, protecting your footwear and keeping them tidily out the way for when you need them next.

7. Light your loft

Even if you have a light in your loft, examining how effectively it illuminates your space is a good idea. It’s all well and good storing items in your loft in a structured and organised fashion, but without proper lighting it will all be for nothing. There isn’t anything worse than trying to find something in a pitch-black space, tripping over every box until you eventually realise you’ve got the wrong item once you’ve left. If you don’t have a main wired light in your loft, then feart not; battery powered LED lights are incredibly easy to install and give you a varying amount of light depending on which type and how many you purchase.



8. The right rack

Whether you prefer wire or wooden racks, both are great additions to you loft. Sometimes called office racks, these are the most common form that is seen in various offices and households worldwide. With so many different sizing options available, from the number of levels to the height, you can choose whatever fits your space best. Make sure you measure the area that you want your rack to go to ensure you’ve got enough room before purchasing. Unlike wall mounted shelving, racks leave no damage on walls and are an economical way of organising your belongings. When deciding between wooden or wire shelving, you should consider that wire requires less maintenance whereas wooden gives you more of a timeless look.

9. Hang up

Don’t do this if your loved one is calling you; but if you want a clever in-loft storage solution, then installing hooks or rods could be a lifesaver. Easy to install, and can be placed in a host of spaces, hooks allow you to hang an abundance of items without taking up floor space. Ideal for wreaths as these items won’t be cramped inside a box, you can relax knowing that the condition will remain high quality all year until they are required. Alternatively, if you have a plethora of clothes that you want to store away, but don’t like the idea of vacuum bags, installing a hanging rod between trusses is an excellent way of fabricating your own clothes rail. It is important to have a thorough clean of your loft before you do this however, as you don’t want any cobwebs or other things of the like attaching themselves to your beloved garments.



10. Organise by season

It’s nothing new to organise your unutilised items to make it easier when finding things, but the loft is potentially the only space where it’s crucial you organise by season. Creating an inventory of what you’re storing is a great way to start, allowing you to visually see everything that belongs in your loft. This list should be interchangeable throughout the year, the same as how your loft storage will be. Completely emptying out your loft is a smart idea, allowing you to see exactly what space you must work with. This is when you can plan where things will go, keeping items from the same season together.



To conclude

There are multiple ways of maximising the storage in your loft, as shown above. It’s important not to use all the ideas if your loft space doesn’t warrant it. Instead choose the solutions that are most applicable to your needs. Getting the most out of your loft space on a limited budget is certainly achievable, its all about finding little tricks that will elevate your once forgotten about room. Here at Displaysense, we have an outstanding selection of storage and shelving that will assist you in making the most of your loft without breaking the bank.