Easy Under Stairs Storage to Save Space

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023
under stairs storage

By Sam Iontton - 27/06/2022

In any house, storage space can be limited. So, it’s important to be clever with the space you have. Make use of every nook or alcove, sloped ceiling or cramped cupboard, including under your stairs. You may be surprised what you can fit into such a small area, freeing up much-needed square footage in the rest of your home.

For some inspiration, we’ve explored how to hide under stairs storage along with some creative ways to use the space to transform your home.


Build a fun children’s den.

The awkward area under your stairs makes the perfect cosy den for children. They’ll love playing in a space made just for them. And this little spot can double up as extra storage for toys and games. All you’ll need is some paint and a bit of creativity, and you can involve your children in the decoration too.


Build a fun children’s den.

Create an organised under stairs pantry

Pantries aren’t just for kitchens. Your hallway can be an extension of your kitchen, especially if storage is limited. For an organised under stairs pantry, fit twin slot shelving at varying heights for food items. Use glass storage jars with labels to store everything neatly and reduce unsightly clutter.

under stairs pantry space

Design a practical space for coats and shoes

Your under stairs area is the perfect space for storing coats and shoes, ready for leaving the house. But there are many more under stairs storage options than the typical coat hooks. Make the space work for your family with wall mounted clothes rails, an umbrella stand, and shoe racks.

shoe racks

If space allows, consider combining your storage with a stylish coat stand and shoe rack. Designs with additional seating are not only on-trend but practical for keeping muddy shoes and boots where they belong.



Transform your awkward space into a home office

For something a little bit different, consider using the space under your stairs as a home office. If you aren’t blessed with an extra room to work from at home, like a spare bedroom or study, it can be difficult not only to find space but to strike the right balance between work and home life.

under stairs home office

Under your stairs may be small, but it’s the perfect place to tuck away your workstation and paperwork. This leaves your living space free for more relaxing activities and ensures work remains within work hours.

Our compact and stylish home office desk with storage will fit snugly under your stairs to keep your space free from clutter.



Maximise storage space with bespoke shelving.

Awkward spaces require clever shelving that maximises your storage space. Whilst bespoke shelving can be expensive, you can fit shelving that suits your exact requirements to make the most of even the most awkward-shaped walls.

twin slot shelving

To create an affordable, bespoke storage solution try twin slot shelving. Available in a range of dimensions, from two to four shelves and even clothes rails, twin-slot shelving can adapt to your family’s changing needs.