Hallway Storage Ideas

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023

By Displaysense's Lucy Eagland

Your hallway is the first place you see when you enter your home, and it’s the first impression you give to guests. It’s often the most convenient space to store coats, shoes, and other practical outdoor things. But it’s also the smallest space in your house, making hiding clutter a challenge. Choosing the right storage for your hallway will prevent clutter and help create a warm and inviting feeling when you come through the door.

We’ve explored some clever small hallway storage ideas to maximise storage for a clean, inviting hallway.


Tidy away shoes with a shoe rack

Without shoe storage, a hallway can quickly become messy. A shoe rack is ideal for organising shoes in a small space. So, rather than leaving a messy pile of shoes at your front door, you can keep your hallway clean and tidy. In addition, a shoe rack allows you to make use of vertical space in a narrow hallway. Choose a 3 or even 6 tier shoe rack to provide plenty of storage for up to 24 pairs of shoes.

Whether you’re a shoe addict or a large family with lots of shoes, you can keep your hallway free from clutter. But not only is a shoe rack neat; it protects shoes from dust and accidental damage and saves you valuable time when you leave the house.
Hallway shoe rack

Combine functional storage and bench seating

If space allows, a storage bench with coat rack is a stylish addition to any hallway. Opting for coat and shoe storage with built-in bench seating is a practical solution for storing shoes, coats, and accessories. It not only prevents clutter, but it makes life easier by keeping all your things in one place. A bench is also the perfect space for putting on your shoes, especially for small children.


shoe storage rack

Hang keys within easy reach

Hanging keys in your hallway will save time hunting for lost keys. A key rack will keep keys organised and ensure you can always find them. However, always ensure keys are tucked out of sight and away from your front door to prevent burglaries.


Choose coat storage with additional shelving

Coats are a clothing essential, and depending on the time of year, they can take up a lot of space. Keep coats and other outdoor items organised with a wall shelf with coat hooks. Choosing a coat rack with extra shelving maximises storage space, allowing you to store coats along with other smaller items.

Keep things organised with small storage

There will always be items, such as gloves and scarves, that tend to get lost! Contain them inside storage boxes and baskets so you can just grab and go before you leave the house. Here are some of our favourite small hallway storage solutions:

  • Plastic storage boxes – Plastic storage boxes are hygienic and can easily be cleaned if they become dirty. Clear plastic storage boxes are ideal for finding what you’re looking for, but coloured storage boxes will add a touch of fun to your hallway.
  • Wooden storage boxes – Wooden boxes are popular in modern homes as they bring a touch of rustic charm and scandi style to your house. They’re incredibly durable and come in a variety of different finishes. For a personal touch, opt for untreated wood and paint them to match your décor.
  • Wicker style baskets – Wicker is an on-trend style. Smaller baskets can be placed on top of a sideboard or shelf, and larger baskets will look stylish placed alongside a shoe rack or coat stand.
  • Canvas or felt baskets – For a softer addition, choose canvas or felt storage baskets. Both are hardwearing but less imposing than other styles.
storage trolley organiser

Save space with narrow ladder shelves

Do you have a narrow hallway? Ladder shelves are the perfect storage solution for, particularly narrow spaces. Store clothes, shoes, and accessories without taking up valuable space. Use a ladder shelf to house storage boxes, separating items by type to take the stress out of leaving the house.

rustic ladder shelving

You can bring back order to your hallway with some simple storage solutions no matter how much space you have. For more inspiration, browse our coat and garment stands and shoe storage and update your small hallway.