Home Storage Ideas to Create Extra Space

By Sam Iontton10/12/2020

By Sam Iontton -10/12/2020

Life can be busy and sometimes chaotic; we can often find ourselves tripping over shoes in the hallway, or at a loose end finding a spot for children’s toys or miscellaneous items. Regardless of the size of your space, it can be tricky finding a place for everything in your home. However, while a magic fairy would be a nicer option, there are several storage space ideas for your home that we promise will make your life much easier, and a lot more organised.


Make use of hallway storage

Our hallways can often become wasted space and, in some cases, a dumping ground for shoes, coats, and keys. A bench or unit with embedded storage or specialised shoe storage, therefore, can help combat this.


Hallway storage ideas

To add a warm, homely feel, accessorise with cushions, and decorative plants or ornaments. This will blend functionality with interior design, making it more welcoming for your family and guests. Depending on the hallway room you have available, fill decorative storage boxes with general household stuff too, as these will neatly fit into the shelving or unit to make more space in your home.


If you keep your coats and jackets at the entry of your home then it’s likely they’re taking up more space than necessary. Simply swapping to a tree coat stand can really compact this down, as the varied hook heights can prevent the stand from looking bulky.

Choose display cabinets and free-standing units

To declutter your home and free-up valuable space available, display cabinets and free-standing units make a great option for a multitude of uses.


TV stands and storage cabinets

Television cabinets.

Opting for a cabinet, rather than a free-standing television stand in your living room can hide unsightly cables and consoles, and provide a hidden home for games, books or other entertainment items.

Glass cabinets.

A glass cabinet offers a seamless display that can blend in with any environment and protects belongings from dust and dirt, making it perfect for photo frames, ornaments and other decorative items.

Wall display cabinets.

A wall-mounted cabinet offers a robust and reliable means of display and storage, making them great for those with limited floor space and an ideal addition to a home office or living room.


Fill awkward spaces

Regardless of the size of your home, you need to ensure every corner and space counts. Make the most of under the stairs with storage boxes and solutions. Baskets and boxes help you keep things organised and out of sight, while a low dresser or chest of drawers could fit neatly underneath.

Under stair storage

Working from home? Under the stairs can be a great place to set up your study without taking up a whole room.

If you’ve got pets such as dogs or cats, you could consider turning under the stairs into their hideout, den, or chill area to utilise space elsewhere in your home.

Remember to use headspace as much as possible; even that gap between the top of a unit and the ceiling could be easily filled with some neat storage boxes!


Make best use of your kitchen with hanging storage

The heart of the home can often become cluttered with the overflowing utensils and stacks of pots and pans. Wall units, hanging storage and kitchen storage organisers are a fantastic way to keep your kitchenware within reach while maintaining a sleek and organised space.


kitchen shelving and storage


● Kitchen Shelves.

Adding shelves to your kitchen is a great idea if you’re short on cupboard space. Open shelves, in particular, allow you to keep herb pots, tea and coffee jars without taking up valuable worktop space.

● Hanging Storage.

Make additional space on your worktop with the addition of hanging kitchen storage. Add hooks to hang your most stylish pots, pans and utensils for a practical yet stylish kitchen design.

● Boxes and Containers.

Storage boxes and containers are the best way to keep things organised in the kitchen. Keeping your necessities such as kitchen cloths, sponges and cleaning equipment within reach but out of sight will make for a much more functional and tidy area.


● Labels and Jars.

Labelling your boxes is an innovative way to keep the family in check and the house in order. Jars are an essential kitchen addition that are perfect for storing dried foods that arrive in large, unsightly bags such as rice, pasta and sugar. Our handy kitchen organisers essentially double the space on offer within your cupboards by providing an additional level of storage.


Trick everyone with secret sofa storage

Bench or sofa storage is one of the best home storage ideas. Having a sofa that lifts up to reveal deep storage space allows you to hide any unsightly household items, extra cushions or throws. This means your items can be accessed frequently, yet still kept out of view.


Sofa storage

If you have children, a sofa storage or an ottoman (footstool with lift up storage) can be a great place to store their toys when not in use. They’re also a great home for television remotes, coasters and any other items you use on a regular day-to-day basis.


Make a decorative statement with baskets

Baskets are a wonderful on-trend storage addition to your space; they add texture and warmth to your interior and subtly provide a place to keep items out of eye-view. Whether it’s blankets, children’s toys, hair products, cosmetics, or practical items, they are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit all homes.


storage baskets

Compartmentalise with drawers

We all know drawers help keep your belongings organised and within reach. While you may think you’ve got this one ticked off, you’d be surprised how much a re-arrange can help create more space and improve your day-to-day functioning.

storage boxes and dividers for drawers

Drawer organisers are great in-home offices where you need to compartmentalise certain areas. If you’ve got large drawers, consider slotting a few storage boxes inside; this will not only make more space, but it will also help you navigate through your items more effectively.


Fill your walls with shelving

Shelves are a must-have when it comes to creating extra storage in your home. They are perfect for maximising floor space while gaining additional storage capacity.

twin slot shelving

You can be creative with your looks too; often a well planned out shelf can become a decorative feature of a room. Try interesting, quirky bookends, pieces of art, and your favourite ornaments to break it up.

If you’re concerned about shelving making your home look cluttered, use large mirrors, light colours and intuitive lighting to give the illusion of a larger room.


Transform your cluttered home

Now you feel confident in how to make extra storage space in your home, you may want to try out some of these handy storage hacks. Whether you want to tackle your entire home or you feel the kitchen needs some special attention, we stock a range of home storage here at Displaysense. As experts in the field, you’ll find everything you need for a well-organised space, from decorative storage boxes to kitchen storage organisers, right through to shelving and display cabinets.


declutter your interior space

Our expert team at Displaysense are on hand with space-saving and inspirational ideas to help you store, display and organise. Check out our advice & inspiration hub to keep up to date with the latest tricks and tips.