Small Bathroom Organisation Ideas

By Sam Iontton26/07/2021

Small Bathroom Organisation Ideas

By Sam Iontton -26/07/2021

Small bathrooms can be a real struggle to keep organised. From toiletries and toothbrushes to skincare and medicines, bathrooms typically hold a lot of products. Because of this, they can easily become disorganised and messy.


A bathroom should feel like a relaxing place to prepare for the day or unwind after a long one, but a disorganised space can have the opposite effect!


So where can you store everything to keep it neat and organised? Here are our top small bathroom organisation ideas to transform your space.

Small Bathroom Organisation Ideas


Opt for under-sink storage

If possible, opt for a sink with storage space underneath. Often it’s the small things in a bathroom that take up the most room. But with drawers or a cupboard, you can neatly organise everything from your electricals to towels and toiletries and keep them out of sight.

under sink storage

Drawer dividers are also great for keeping everything separated and organised. You’ll be able to create separate sections for all your bathroom items, so everything has a dedicated place.

Store towels and toiletries on wall hooks

In any small room, you should maximise the use of your vertical space. One of the simplest yet most effective small bathroom organisation ideas is to use wall hooks. You can use these for towels of course, but they’re also ideal for hanging a storage caddy full of toiletries!


To keep things organised, keep one or two go-to items in the shower or bath and store your occasional items here.

storage hooks and wall mounted rails

Use hanging storage shelves

Alternatively, banish the bottles from the side of your bath or shower tray and instead keep them neat and ordered in a hanging shower caddy. These over-door shelves are particularly helpful if you’re renting and can’t drill hooks to the walls themselves.


To double up on storage space, hang one over your bathroom door and one over the shower door! If you need hanging space, use over-door storage hooks.

over the door storage hooks

Keep items in storage baskets

One of the best small bathrooms organisation ideas is to use storage boxes and baskets to keep your bathroom items separated. Storage baskets are available in lots of different sizes, and you can keep everything from towels and flannels to toiletries inside.


Storage baskets can be placed on the window sill, on shelves, or even on top of the toilet. Instead of all your toiletries scattered around, you can keep them neat and tidy. Plus, they can add a nice touch to your bathroom decor.

storage boxes and baskets

Use makeup organisers

If you find your makeup is often cluttering up your bathroom, keep it neatly stored in makeup storage organisers. As well as lipsticks and brushes, these nifty little boxes are also ideal for holding nail varnish and all different types of cosmetics, helping clear the clutter from your bathroom countertops or around your sink!

makeup storage organisers

Keep toilet rolls in a hanging bag

Toilet rolls take up a lot of space and can look messy. One option is to keep them in a storage basket, but a hanging bag is a better option for small bathrooms.


Storing them like this on the back of your bathroom door or wall hooks will keep them off the floor and better out of the way. Not only does this keep them organised, but it will look better too!

hanging storage bags

Repurpose a shoe hanger

An over-door shoe hanger can be repurposed into a great way to organise all your bottles and bathroom accessories. From shampoo bottles to cleaning supplies, you can keep everything organised and ready to grab.


This is one of the best small bathroom organisation ideas for keeping your sides and floor free. Storing all these items out of the way behind the door will also help your bathroom look more neat and tidy.

Repurpose a shoe hanger

Use jars for storage

And finally, keep your bathroom countertops neat and tidy by storing your most-used items in glass jars. Tall jars will make the best use of your vertical space and are ideal for storing items such as cotton buds, cotton pads and soap.


Another plus is that you’ll be able to see which items are running low, and stock up on them before you run out. Matching jars will also make your bathroom decor feel more cohesive and organised.


storage jars

Try these small bathroom organisation ideas in your bathroom and it’ll feel like a relaxing and ordered oasis in no time! For all our storage solutions, be sure to check out our full range of storage and shelving here at Displaysense.