Space Saving Kitchen Storage Tips

By Sam Iontton20/04/2021

By Sam Iontton -20/04/2021

Over recent years open plan living has soared in popularity. Kitchens have become multi-purpose spaces for cooking, entertaining and relaxing as a family. To ensure the hub of our homes is a calming space to unwind, kitchens must be tidy and free from clutter. However, we aren’t all blessed with a spacious kitchen or floor to ceiling storage. For those of us with small kitchens, finding space for everything from appliances, to pots and pans and food items can be a challenge. Not only that, kitchen storage needs to be easy to access.

Whether you have a kitchen diner that lacks storage, or a small kitchen filled with clutter, our top storage tips will help to keep you organised.

Reduce cupboard clutter with storage jars

Before investing in additional storage, make sure you have a cupboard clear-out. Throwing out once used and neglected items, from food to cookware and bakeware will likely free up some much-needed space. When organising food items, glass storage jars will keep cupboards tidy. Storing long-life food such as porridge, pasta and rice in clear jars eliminates mess and spillage, and ensures items are easy to find.

When cupboard space is at a premium, matching glass storage jars can be displayed neatly along the back of countertops without taking up valuable cooking space.

Use drawer organisers to maximise drawer space

Much like kitchen cupboards, drawers are often underutilised or filled with clutter. After clearing out unwanted items, stock up on cheap drawer organisers to keep drawers neat and tidy. Kitchen drawer organisers come in an array of sizes to fit any drawer, and any sized item – from cutlery and utensils to pots and pans, and even food.

One of the cheapest additions to your kitchen storage, a drawer organiser maximises drawer space. At the same time, ensuring items are easy to find at all times.

Double your storage with kitchen countertop risers

Kitchen countertop risers are a simple and affordable way to maximise storage. They’re handy for stacking everyday items like crockery, storage jars and canisters. Stack worktop risers for flexible, vertical storage to keep all your essentials within easy reach whenever you need them.

A wood or mesh kitchen riser will complement any modern or traditional interior. Place risers along the back of your worktops to organise storage.

Create the illusion of space with open shelving

Unless you opt for a one wall kitchen, wall to wall kitchen cabinets can make a small kitchen feel cramped. But choosing design over practicality can often mean a lack of necessary storage. Open shelving gives the illusion of space while maximising your kitchen storage. It can also improve the look and feel of your kitchen. After all, what’s the use of having beautiful, coordinating crockery if it’s shut away out of sight?

Stack crockery neatly on shelving, breaking up space with indoor herbs, glass storage jars and canisters to ensure your kitchen remains neat and clutter-free.

Invest in a moveable storage trolley for easy access

Deep cupboards are ample for storing a whole host of items, but they’re not convenient for everyday essentials. Reaching to the back of cupboards is a chore for most of us, and impossible for some.

A storage organiser trolley is ideal for food items like fruit and veg, or pots, pans and bakeware. Easy to move at any time, it can be stored alongside worktops or out of sight in a pantry or cupboard to reduce unsightly clutter.

Are you in need of some affordable storage to organise your kitchen? Our selection of kitchen storage is designed to maximise space in even the smallest of kitchens. For more home inspiration and tips to help you style your home and minimise clutter, explore our home inspiration section.