5 intelligent tips to transform your hallway

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023

By Liam Sumner - 14/03/2022

The hallway is often the first thing you see when entering a home so it’s important that you get it right, setting the tone for the rest of the house. It is extremely common for hallways to accumulate a great deal of unnecessary mess, but with a few simple yet smart tricks, this can all be resolved.

With options for all budgets, you can transform your hallway from clutter central to friendly and welcoming. Being most peoples smallest room in the house, we’ve delved into some useful options that can bring it to life.



Maximise your space with a multi-purpose bench rack

The amount of space in your hallway is often limited, so having a storage option that ticks multiple boxes can massively help. With shoe racks, shelves and hooks, these versatile coat and garment stands are both an elegant and highly functional option for any hallway. Having your shoes, coats and other going out accessories all in one place is incredibly handy, especially if that spot is right near the front door.

This can also help protect your belongings as they are neatly stacked or hung up instead of on top of each other getting flung about whilst you search for that one missing shoe. A lot of these items have a bench included that can be used as a storage option or a seat for when putting shoes on, increasing its usefulness. You can’t go wrong with a hallway storage unit, taking up minimal room whilst storing a variety of your possessions in a tidy practical way.


hallway coat and garment stands

Don’t let your shoes walk all over you, Rack up!

If you own multiple pairs of shoes, which many do nowadays, a storage rack dedicated to them is a must. Footwear isn’t cheap and is only getting more expensive, so taking good care of them is vital in maintaining the quality. Long gone are the days of scrambling through multiple piled up pairs to find the other half of your favourite shoe just to realise it’s filthy and damaged.

Getting a shoe storage option that fits both your hallway and shoe needs isn’t too difficult purely down to the range of options. Whether you’re a shoe addict or a big family, plenty of shoes can build up in a hallway making it incredibly untidy. A shoe rack is an ideal solution, taking up minimal space and organising your shoe collection. This might seem simple but it’s a very important step.



multi tier shoe storage rack

Don’t let umbrellas dampen your mood

Due to the unpredictable but often miserable wet weather patterns in the UK, an umbrella is a staple in many homes. However, when you finally escape a downpour and get home you just want to relax. Well, an umbrella stand removes the fear of wet umbrellas leaking onto the floor, causing a health hazard and damaging your floor. All our umbrella stands are smartly designed to catch any water still on the umbrella. Perfect for a hallway, as soon as you enter the home, an umbrella stand takes up minimal room whilst able to hold multiple items.


umbrella stands

Take care of your smaller items with baskets and boxes

It is very common for a range of smaller items from gloves to keys to suddenly go missing, only to find them wedged down the back of the radiator weeks down the line. There is an incredibly simple solution and its just to having a storage box or basket in your hallway securing your prized possessions. Each hallway will have a different storage item to suit it, so take your time looking through the options and find the perfect one for you. Whether it’s a stylish wicker basket or a neat beige box, there are various small storage answers for your hallway.



linen storage boxes



Ladder shelves offer a space saving storage option

For those with a narrow hallway, a ladder-style shelving unit can provide plenty of storage room whilst taking up minimal space. Aesthetically these units look elegant and unique whilst also fitting into any décor. Ideal for storing ornaments, storage boxes and framed photos, you can create the perfect personalised hallway storage. Having multiple shelves that aren’t designed for anything specific, allows your freedom to run wild, adding your own individual touch for guests to view as soon as they walk through the door. These vintage shelving units have a minimalistic, graceful look, ideal for a variety of hallways that allow you to put your own style on it.


vintage shelving units