Vintage Shelving Units

Discover our extensive selection of retro shelving units here at Displaysense. Create a rustic ambiance within your restaurant, café, or retail space with vintage storage shelving. Build a unique display with wooden crates, heavy duty shelving, industrial clothing racks, and mobile industrial shelving units. No one piece is the same due to the retro wood finish, so you can create a truly distinctive retro shelving unit that makes an eye-catching statement wherever you place it. Be sure to also explore our vast range of shelving, where you’ll find storage and display solutions for a whole host of environments.

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Vintage Shelving Units

Retro Shelving

Introducing vintage shelving to your home or business is a wonderful way of adding some rustic ambience as well as keeping items out of the way and your space tidy. Sturdy, reliable, and stylish, our industrial shelving is a great addition to any space that helps you keep it tidy and a nice place to be in.

Our wooden shelving unit range means there is something for everyone’s storage needs and personal style. We have ladder, corner, modular and industrial-style shelving units to suit your needs and interior. We also have wooden display bookcase options that aren’t just for your literature but can also hold a wide range of other items.

You should ensure that you position your shelving unit in a space that doesn’t obstruct any part of your home or business. If you’re storing folders or documents on your shelving in a business environment, you should place them in a way that’s easy to get to and convenient for the relevant employees. If you’re using it to display décor or plants, you should make sure that it isn’t too imposing whilst still being easily noticeable. A warehouse, kitchen, office, or bathroom are all ideal locations for your retro shelving.

Our vintage shelving units have a frame that is made from strong black metal that ensures stability and durability. The vintage wood used on our shelving is unique on every item as well as sturdy and long lasting. Each of our units is strong, stylish, and made to last so you can trust in the quality and style it however you see fit.

Bringing stunning beauty and useful storage to your home or working environment, our vintage shelving is excellent in any environment adding both style and substance. Strong and durable, each of our vintage shelving unit options is made for daily use and will be a mainstay in your home.

What you place on your retro shelving unit is completely down to your personal and storage preferences. You should ensure that you check the weight capacity of your unit to prevent overloading it and potentially causing damage. Each unit will have different properties that make it more suited for certain items. Whether you’re looking to create a clutter-free home or a decorative space, we’ve got you covered.

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