Creative Storage Ideas for Bedrooms Without Closets

By Sam Iontton23/09/2021

By Sam Iontton -23/09/2021

A closet is handy for storing away your clothes and clutter, but it’s not essential. Many people forgo closets and wardrobes in favour of less bulky furniture that takes up less space in the bedroom. There are lots of storage ideas for bedrooms without closets – it’s just about being clever with alternative options! If you’re wondering where to store clothes without a closet, these creative no closet storage solutions will give you some great ideas to try.

Where to store clothes without a closet



A free-standing clothes rail

Without a closet, you’ll need some hanging space for your clothes. The best option for that is a clothes rail. Opt for an extendable and adjustable clothes rail that you can move to suit the needs of your space. Alternatively, if you have a lot of clothes and need to maximise your hanging space, opt for a double clothes rail – it’ll make use of your vertical space without taking up any more room on your bedroom floor. As well as clothes, you can hang your bags, belts and other accessories too.

A wall-mounted clothes rail

Or, if you’re able to drill into the walls, opt for a wall mounted clothes rail. A popular choice is a pipe-style clothes rail that will give your room an industrial aesthetic. A wall-mounted clothes rail has the added bonus of keeping all your floor space clear, so if you’re short on square footage, this one could be a great option for you. Install them high enough, and you can also add a chest of drawers underneath for your folded clothes.


Wall Shelves

Above your clothes rail, add a couple of wall shelves for your bags and other accessories. Utilising a wall like this is a great way of storing clothes without a closet. It’s an easy way to replicate the real thing by creating a designated space for all your clothes and accessories. Keeping everything in one area will help your room feel more organised and less cluttered too.

Hanging clothes organisers

If you don’t have space for a chest of drawers, use a hanging clothes storage shelf instead for your foldable items. You can simply hang one from your clothes rail or attach it to the back of your door. These are one of the best no closet storage solutions for holding everything from jeans and jumpers to socks and even shoes!

Under-bed drawers

Another great hack for storing clothes without a closet is to buy a bed with built-in drawers. Alternatively, you can make use of the space under your existing bed by using pull-out drawers or storage bags. Keep your out-of-season items to the back and your most worn items to hand at the front, so you can easily find what you’re looking for when you get dressed in the morning. Use drawer organisers to help keep things neat.

A dividing curtain or screen

One of the biggest benefits of a closet or wardrobe with doors is that you can hide away a mess. Clothes rails can easily become disorganised and can give your room a cluttered look. So unless you’re naturally neat, why not hide them behind a dividing curtain? Or alternatively, a vintage-style folding screen divider. Either of these options will add a luxurious feel to your room and help you hide your clutter. Win-win!

Knowing where to store clothes without a closet can be tricky, but with these nifty tips, you can get creative with the space you have. For more storage ideas for bedrooms without closets, check out all our clothes storage and organisers here at Displaysense and our blog on Easy Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms to Reduce Clutter.