Hallway Coat Storage Ideas to Clear the Clutter

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023
Hallway Coat Storage Ideas to Clear the Clutter

By Sam Iontton - 08/07/2022

Your hallway can quickly become cluttered without the right coat storage. While wall hooks can be ideal, they aren’t always the most practical solution for the whole family. Hooks with multiple coats can quickly become messy, making your hallway feel cramped.

Your hallway is the first part of the home you’ll see, so it needs to feel welcoming and enable you to move freely from room to room. To get your cloakroom coat storage right, assess your family’s needs alongside available space. In a narrow hallway, make the most of every inch – whether that’s an alcove, under stairs nook or porch.

To help you choose the most suitable solution, we’ve explored some of our top hallway coat storage ideas to maximise space and clear the clutter.



1. Create a focal point with an industrial coat rack.

If space allows, create a focal point in your hallway with a stylish industrial coat rack. Built to make an impact, an industrial coat rack is both stylish and practical. A sturdy metal rack can withstand the weight of heavy outerwear and its size prevents clutter, allowing you the space to store coats all year round.

2. Hide away clutter in a coat cupboard.

The best solution for storing coats neatly is in a designated coat cupboard. If you’ve been blessed with space under your stairs, make the most of this by fitting a combination of rails and shelving. The benefit of a coat cupboard is that you can tailor the space to your family’s exact needs.

Build bespoke storage for coats and jackets, footwear, umbrellas, and even accessories by combining:


bespoke storage for coats, jackets, footwear and accessories

For more coat cupboard storage ideas, read our post about easy understairs storage to save space.



3. Fix more than one coat hook.

No one wants to push past coats to get in and out of the house. To keep narrow hallways feeling spacious, avoid overloading your coat hooks. Instead fix multiple coat hooks in entranceways to make full use of available space and prevent hallways from becoming cramped. Our vintage-style coat hooks come with an added shelf for storing accessories and smaller items within easy reach.



4. Save space with a coat stand.

Make the most of unused corner space. A coat stand can be easily tucked away, making it the perfect addition to smaller hallways. For especially small spaces, opt for a tree coat stand – with enough hooks to hang multiple coats and bags. Ones with additional shelving also provide much needed space for all your accessories. In larger hallways, make a feature with an on-trend industrial style coat stand.

industrial tree coat stand

5. Create a minimalist look with sliding doors.

Sliding doors are another great space saver. They create a sleek look while hiding any clutter. Use sliding doors to hide away your coat hooks and other hallway storage. Paint your doors the same colour as your walls to create a light, spacious feeling throughout.



coat rack with bench seat

6. Opt for multipurpose storage with seating.

Do you have room to take a seat? One of our favourite hallway coat storage ideas is a coat rack with bench seat. This stylish addition not only adds an elegant touch to your hallway, but it helps to keep the whole family organised. Hang coats and accessories within easy reach, store footwear and sit comfortably while getting ready to leave the house.



7. Choose wall hung clothes rails to maximise space.

Wall mounted clothes rails aren’t just for bedrooms. They can also be the perfect solution for hanging rows of coats and jackets in hallways or entranceways. While some designs may be better suited to coat cupboards, don’t rule out the option of hanging wall mounted rails in sight. Industrial wall clothes rail will add a stylish focal point to your hallway. It’s also strong enough to hold a range of heavy outerwear.

industrial wall mounted clothes rail



8. Create the illusion of more space with a white coat rack.

Your choice of colour can impact your hallway, making it appear smaller or more cluttered. Choosing a white or cream coat rack against neutral walls will create the illusion of more space. For a light and airy hallway, mix tonal whites and greys. This will prevent your hallway from feeling cold and unwelcoming. With any hallway it’s important that it feels homely and warm as it’s often the first and last space you and visitors will see in your home.


9. Maximise space with floor to ceiling storage.

Make full use of all available space with floor to ceiling coat storage. Either in a coat cupboard or using a full wall, take advantage of the full height of your hallway. Keep it practical by rotating your coats through the seasons, ensuring your favourite coats and jackets are always within easy reach.

hanging clothes rail



10. Customise your coat storage to suit your family.

Use your imagination and choose coat storage solutions that suit your whole family. There are no rules when it comes to coat storage. Use a combination of options to suit your needs. From coat hooks and coat stands for hanging your coats to adaptable twin-slot shelving for storing folded garments. Explore our affordable coat and garment stands and browse our selection of storage and shelving to mix and match the perfect coat storage.