How to Create an Industrial Style Bedroom

By Sam Iontton18/10/2021
How to Create an Industrial Style Bedroom

By Sam Iontton -18/10/2021

Industrial style has become increasingly popular in recent years. First popular in the 1970s, industrial interior design was born from the trend for transforming warehouses, mills, and factories into quirky, new homes. And it’s this raw, unfinished look and combination of old meets new that we’ve all grown to love.

Fast-forward to today, and online searches for ‘industrial bedroom’ are up 120% since last year at 1,600 monthly searches. Industrial bedroom furniture is also growing in popularity with an increase in online searches of 350%.

But how can you create an industrial bedroom design without the character of a renovated warehouse? We’ve explored some of our top tips and inspiration to update your space, however ordinary.


Exposed Brick Walls

The key to industrial style is stripped back, unfinished décor. And what better way to embrace undone style than through your walls. Leaving exposed brick walls will give your bedroom a rustic, industrial feel. To add dimension, leave one wall unfinished and complement your brickwork by painting your walls and ceiling in chalk white.

You can even go one step further with exposed beams, pipework, and wiring.

Exposed Brick Walls

Scaffold Clothing Rails

For a nod to the industrial design trend, swap fitted furniture for open wardrobes. Scaffold clothing rails maximise space for a modern loft feel. Black or silver pipe rails are a great way to create an industrial bedroom design on a budget, with rails and racks available for as little as £50.

Our favourite rails are the industrial wall mounted clothes rail and the industrial pipe clothing rack.

industrial garment rack

Rustic Wood Furniture

Minimalism is an essential aspect of industrial design, making storage a must-have. And you needn’t compromise on style. Rustic wood furniture adds to the unfinished, raw aesthetic. When shopping for furniture, look for pieces with contrasting wood and metal. Warm wood tones and dark metals are the epitomai of industrial style, helping to create a rustic, vintage feel.

And you only need one or two pieces to change the look of your bedroom. For example, opt for an industrial home office desk—a wood desktop with a black steel filing cabinet combines minimalist style with practicality.

rustic wooden furniture

Vintage Style Shelving

Industrial style shelving is currently a popular choice in the UK, with online searches up 250% compared to last year. And industrial style can be both modern and vintage. It’s often a mix of rustic with modern accents; vintage meets contemporary. A vintage style shelving unit is a stylish addition to any industrial bedroom. Choose tall, slim shelving to maximise vertical space and reduce clutter.

Fill vintage shelving with quirky accessories like mechanical clocks and vintage finds. Or use your valuable storage for displaying clothing or jewellery. But remember to keep it tidy!


vintage style tiered shelving

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is a cheap and easy way to change up your décor. Industrial design is not for colour enthusiasts, so swap bright prints for serene photography. Not only does it look chic, but monochrome images are soothing, making them perfect for bedrooms. Help to switch off your overactive mind and encourage a good night’s sleep with calming photography of stylish people, buildings, and scenery – whatever suits your mood.

photo display frames

Monochrome and Muted Tones

Following on from black and white photography, keep the rest of your décor understated. For a truly industrial bedroom design, opt for a backdrop of monochrome and neutral colours. From your walls to your soft furnishings, subtle colours tend to work best. But if your bedroom is left feeling cold, add some texture with soft cushions and throws to create a cosy feel.


muted and monochrome interior design


We hope you’re bursting with industrial bedroom inspiration. To explore some new additions for your home, visit our industrial clothes rails collection. You can also find a select range of stylish industrial home office desks and vintage shelving in our storage and shelving collection.

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