Nursery Storage Ideas for Small Rooms

By Sam Iontton24/05/2021
Nursery Storage Ideas for Small Rooms

By Sam Iontton -24/05/2021

Are you preparing your new baby’s nursery? If you lack space and you’re short of ideas, we’ve compiled some of our top storage solutions for a small nursery. You don’t need a big room for a nursery. A little imagination and some clever storage can maximise even the tiniest space. Read on for our small nursery storage ideas:

1. Choose furniture with added storage

In a small nursery, it’s essential to choose your furniture carefully. Look for multifunctional furniture with plenty of hidden storage. A chest of drawers will not only make a practical changing table, but it’ll also last way beyond nursery years. Any furniture that you can use throughout the home will be much more versatile.

furniture with built in storage

2. Maximise space with wall storage

If floor space is limited in your nursery, always go for floor to ceiling storage. Fix shelving above low furniture to make full use of the room, placing less used items higher up. Or opt for tall cube shelving units to maximise space floor to ceiling. These are perfect for housing various items, from storage boxes for smaller things to books and toys.


wall shelving and storage

3. Opt for storage that fits unused spaces

To use all available space, make the most of awkward and underused spaces. Over the door storage is ideal for housing towels or a hanging clothes organiser for shoes and socks. You can even use space under the cot for under-bed storage for blankets or throws. Just make sure any floor storage has lids or zips to ensure your baby can’t open it.

under bed storage organisers

4. Store items neatly with drawer organisers

Baby clothes are tiny and easy to lose, which can make it challenging to keep your nursery tidy. One storage solution not to be underestimated is a drawer organiser. With multiple compartments, you can keep your baby’s clothes organised, and they’ll stay exactly where you left them.


drawer organisers

5. Create an illusion with minimalist furniture

The furniture you choose for your nursery room can give the illusion of more space. Avoid big, bold pieces and instead choose sleeker, more minimalist designs. Open shelving, such as a ladder-style shelf, gives the feeling of more space as your eye is drawn to the wall behind. Just ensure any lightweight or free-standing shelving is attached securely to the wall to make sure your baby can’t pull it over.

ladder style shelving units

6. Use a storage trolley for essentials

A portable 3 tier storage trolley is the perfect addition to any changing station. You can store nappies, wipes and other essentials within easy reach without creating unsightly clutter or taking up valuable drawer space. Your storage trolley can be easily moved into any room and hidden away out of sight after use.

mobile storage trolleys

7. Free up hanging space with adult hangers

Baby hangers might be tiny, but they’ll soon take up valuable space. Instead, store baby grows and clothes on adult clothes hangers. Store multiple items per hanger to maximise hanging rail space. This not only saves space but also makes sorting through your baby’s clothes much simpler.

space saving clothing hangers

8. Organise your baby’s clothes as they grow

Regardless of the size of your nursery, as your baby grows, you’ll find their needs change. And with that comes extra clutter. No nursery storage solution can fix a growing wardrobe without some organisation. To keep your nursery tidy, organise clothes regularly. While you may want to keep some items as keepsakes, store these away in boxes and save space in your nursery for the things they still need.


Organise your baby’s clothes as they grow

9. Place soft toy storage within easy reach

As your baby starts exploring, your once tidy nursery will be filled with toys. Use a soft felt storage basket to help reduce clutter. Storage baskets are great for storing soft toys where your baby can reach them. A lightweight toy basket means they can have some independence safely. And you can throw toys in quickly after playtime.

felt and wicker storage baskets

10. Choose a light colour palette to reflect light

While not strictly a storage solution, colour can have a massive impact on a small nursery. Opting for whites and neutral tones on the walls will help to reflect light, giving the feeling of more space. However, be aware that babies need visual stimulation. So, combat stark white with splashes of colour to stimulate your baby’s brain and help them to develop.

Choose a light colour palette to reflect light

Whatever your small nursery needs, we have some great storage solutions to maximise your space and reduce clutter. To explore our affordable storage, visit our home storage and shelving section.