Toy Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

By Sam Iontton06/08/2021
Toy Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

By Sam Iontton -06/08/2021

Over the past year, our homes have evolved into multi-functional spaces. With more time spent at home, we’ve had to make space for the whole family to enjoy. From indoor hobbies to toys and games, our homes are filled with activities to keep us entertained. But without the luxury of a playroom, where is the best place to store new toys?

Small spaces can quickly become cluttered without clever storage solutions. So we’ve explored some simple and innovative storage ideas for kids’ toys to keep your small living room organised.



1. Utilise awkward spaces

It can be challenging to find toy storage to fit awkward spaces, such as alcoves or eaves. Not to mention expensive. But with a bit of creativity and some basic DIY skills, you can build cheap toy storage into small nooks and awkward corners.

Start with some simple twin slot shelving that can be fixed to your walls. For example, you can fit shelving from floor to ceiling on either side of a fireplace. Twin slot shelves are versatile, allowing you to customise the height of each shelf. To hide away clutter, fit painted wooden doors decorated with mouldings or panelling to match your décor.

wall mounted twin slot shelving units

2. Use low storage for a feeling of space

Small spaces can quickly become cramped with too much storage. Using low storage instead, such as cabinets and shelving, will create a feeling of more space. While you may be tempted to go big to get the most storage, opt for low cabinets that fix horizontally. Your eye will be drawn to the wall behind, making your small room feel larger. Low storage is also much more suitable for putting toys within reach of small children.


low storage cabinets and shelving

3. Use symmetry to create a sense of calm

When choosing toy storage for small rooms, think about symmetry. Symmetrical storage creates a sense of calm and order which is often much needed in small living rooms. Try balancing your space with storage in the same style or size. For example, our vintage style bookcase with a cupboard is perfect for hiding away kids toys and games.

vintage style tiered shelving

4. Make a feature with display cabinets

Not all toys are suitable for display cabinets. A glass display cabinet can’t hide clutter with its transparent shelves and doors. However, they are brilliant for making a feature of unique toys and collectables. Have you thought about putting your children’s LEGO or action figures on display? After all, it’s a shame to spend all that time building a LEGO model and not show it off. To find out more about displaying LEGO creatively in your home, read how to store and display LEGO.

freestanding glass display cabinets

5. Trick the eye with hidden storage

When investing in small living room furniture, consider how to integrate storage for toys. With our need for more space, there are lots of clever and innovative storage solutions on the market. For example, choose storage footstools or benches for extra seating that hides away toys and clutter. You can even buy sofas with built-in storage. Just remember which toys need to be within easy access and use hidden storage for rarely used toys.

hidden and integrated storage options

6. Make the most of all unused space.

Toy storage solutions needn’t be confined to your living room. Make the most of all your unused small spaces. For example, the hallway doesn’t have to be for coats and shoes. Try using wall hooks for toys too. Fill cotton tote bags with soft toys and other small items for a cheap toy storage solution. Your children can even have a personalised bag each to keep toys separate.


wall hooks

7. Hide small toys in cube storage.

Cube storage units are a fantastic solution for organising children’s toys. Square storage boxes fit the space neatly to store small toys, art, and crafts supplies perfectly. With smaller items out of sight, you can avoid unsightly clutter in a small living room. Organising toys into different boxes also ensures they’re easy to find whenever your children want them.

cube shelving units

8. Don’t forget easy to access toy storage.

Hiding toys out of sight may help you reclaim your space at the end of each day. But too much storage can create more work, especially if toys are hard to reach and pack away. So instead, make sure you keep your children’s favourite toys within easy reach so they can get to them quickly anytime.

Plastic storage boxes and storage baskets are excellent for storing small toys away neatly. They can be easily hidden away behind the sofa or stored in a cupboard to reduce clutter. And you can use them to encourage your children to help with the tidying by rewarding them for putting their toys away after play.


display and storage cubes, tubes and trays

For more cheap storage ideas for small spaces, see our recent storage inspiration for kids’ rooms. Here at Displaysense, we have a wide range of storage solutions for small spaces. Visit our storage furniture collections to organise your children’s toys and reclaim your space.