Clever and Cheap Storage Ideas for Renters

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023
Clever and Cheap Storage Ideas for Renters

By Sam Iontton -22/11/2021

There are a lot of perks to renting, from financial freedom to hassle-free home moves. But unfortunately, storage isn’t one of them. Often rental properties lack storage, which can mean a choice between fewer belongings or more clutter.

We’ve explored our favourite cheap storage ideas for renters, including some clever shelving solutions and quick and easy organisation tips.


1. Box up out of season clothes

The first step to reducing clutter is to organise your wardrobe. Having a good old clear out will undoubtedly help with any storage issues, but you needn’t throw things away. Make space for the clothes you wear by boxing away out of season clothes. Freeing up space in your wardrobe or on clothes rails will help you stay organised.

Use storage boxes to store out of season clothing

Storing holiday clothes or bulky winter coats in storage boxes will keep them neat and prevent damage. These boxes can be tucked away on top of your wardrobe, under beds and in cupboards. Then, swap out last season’s clothes every few months to ensure the items you wear are always within easy reach.

For more advice on neatly storing clothes, read our top tips for storing your out of season clothes.


2. Use floor to ceiling storage

One of our top storage solutions for renters is vertical storage. There’s rarely room for wasted space in a rental property, so use all available space from floor to ceiling. To keep costs down, mix and match your existing furniture with affordable shelving. By building shelving above pre-owned pieces, you can maximise storage space on a limited budget.

twin slot shelving

For example, fix twin slot shelving above a cabinet or desk to make full use of your living room walls.

3. Build shelving around your bed

In smaller properties, be clever with your storage by building it into your décor. Take your headboard, for example, which aside from comfort, is purely aesthetic. With basic DIY skills and some cheap timber, you can build a headboard with shelving for toys and other smaller items.

wooden wall display cubes and shelving

Or go one step further by building storage above your bed. Our wooden wall display cubes are the perfect size for books and collectables.


4. Hide clutter in storage baskets

Tidying away clutter can seem an impossible task, especially with children. That’s where storage baskets can be a time-saver. Invest in one or two cheap storage baskets to tidy away toys, magazines, and papers in moments. Pop a storage basket in bedrooms and living spaces to keep everyday items organised but within easy reach.

storage baskets

A handy storage basket can also be used to store smaller items and accessories in your closets, such as gloves, hats and socks.


5. Organise smaller items with over door storage

Rental properties often have limited cupboards and closet space. So, make the most of every available space, including the backs of doors. Doors are perfect for storing smaller, lighter items away out of sight. Over the door organisers are a cheap storage solution for shoes, accessories and other small household items.

Over the door storage hooks

Choose an over door organiser with multiple spacious pockets, which not only keeps your home tidy but helps to organise items that tend to get lost.

Storing your belongings in a rental property can be tricky, but you can create storage on a budget with these clever tips. Read our decorating hacks for renters, or get inspired by our creative storage ideas for bedrooms without closets for more tips. Also, check out all our storage and shelving here at Displaysense.