Decorating Hacks for Renters

By Sam Iontton18/06/2021
Decorating Hacks for Renters

By Sam Iontton -18/06/2021

With property prices continuing to grow across the UK, more people are renting than ever before. Recent research has shown there’s currently around 4.4 million households occupied by private renters, more than double the figure from twenty years ago. Renting has its benefits, from allowing the flexibility to move at short notice to the financial freedoms of being mortgage-free. But one of the potential drawbacks is décor. While owning your own home enables you to decorate as you wish, as a renter, you’re often stuck with what you’re given - whether that’s dated furniture or questionable interior design.

If you’re a renter, it might be frowned upon to fix shelving or clothes rails to your walls. But there are still some great decorating hacks you can use to update your home on a budget. We’ve explored our favourite décor ideas for renters to help your rental feel more like a home:

Add a splash of colour to your walls

If you can do it, painting your walls is an affordable way to add character to a neutral home. To save time (and paint), choose a feature wall such as a fireplace or headboard wall.

Vibrant red and blue-green are on-trend colours that’ll brighten your space and make an impact. For more colour inspiration, read our recent post exploring the interior design trends that are here to stay.


A splash of colour to your bedroom walls

Update your walls with removable wall stickers.

For a cheap, temporary decorating hack, try removable wall stickers. You can find these in a vast range of designs, from modern geometric patterns to more intricate murals. Simply stick on your walls to add personality to a bland room.

Peel off with soap and warm water when you move home or fancy trying something new.


decorative removable wall stickers

Invest in stylish portable storage

Renting is expensive, so invest in storage you can take with you. Rather than buying costly fitted wardrobes, choose a clothes rail that you can quickly build and disassemble. A clothes rail with shelves is a popular choice with UK buyers this year, with online searches up 200%.

One of our favourites is our industrial clothes rail, which has a handy bottom shelf for storing shoes and other items. Although practical for any expanding clothes collection, the industrial design will add an on-trend, scandi feel to your décor.

Industrial clothes rack

Create a focal point with a freestanding display cabinet

To make your house feel homely, put your possessions on display in a freestanding display cabinet. A versatile addition to your home, a cabinet can display any fun or treasured personal items, from antiques to LEGO. People across the UK seem to agree, as the humble display cabinet is rising in popularity.

For example, online searches for white gloss display cabinet have increased by 160% over the past year. For more tips on displaying your collectables, read our recent post exploring how to store and display LEGO.


freestanding display cabinet

Update your interior with soft furnishings

While not technically a decorating hack, soft furnishings are a quick way to update your interior design. Placing cushions, throws and rugs throughout your rental will give it a lived-in look. Opt for textured fabrics in any design to reflect your style and create a cosy, homely feel.

soft furnishings

Customise your kitchen with a removable backsplash.

If you’re stuck with a tired and dated kitchen, consider adding a removable backsplash. It’ll cover old tiles and protect your walls from grease and stains. A splashback will not only add a modern touch to your kitchen, but it’ll make cleaning easy.

Our favourite is our black glass slate splashback. It fixes to any wall with Velcro fastenings for a fuss-free home décor update.


Display photos and keepsakes on a noticeboard

Drilling holes in your walls to hang pictures and poster displays might be out of the question. But you can still give your home a personal touch with noticeboards. By leaning a large noticeboard against a wall, you can display all your favourite memories in one place.

To give your noticeboard a stylish update, first pin your favourite wallpaper as your background. Then get creative! Decorate your board with photos, postcards from your travels, cinema tickets, letters and any other items that remind you of your special moments.


Eliminate wall damage with freestanding shelving.

While you might not be able to hang shelves in your rental home, freestanding shelving is suitable for even small and awkward spaces. To maximise space without compromising on style, look for slim, open-backed designs.

This draws the eye to the wall behind, making your room feel more spacious. The industrial trend is still growing, with UK online searches for industrial shelving unit up 400% compared to last year. For an affordable take on this trend, try our ladder style shelf.

ladder style shelving units

Add texture with some greenery

Finally, house plants will add the finishing touch to your updated décor. Not only do they help create a softer, more homely look, but they have tons of health benefits too. House plants can help to boost your mood, increase productivity and purify the air in your home.

house plants and indoor foliage


Explore our home storage and shelving and clothes rails collections for affordable additions to add to your rental décor. For more tips and inspiration for your home, visit our home inspiration section.

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