Our Favourite Wall-Mounted Bedroom Storage

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023

By Sam Iontton - 19/07/2022

According to experts, a clean and tidy bedroom promotes better sleep. A room filled with clutter can cause anxious feelings, making it difficult to drift off into that restful slumber. Your bedroom should be calming. It should be an inviting space to enjoy, relax and unwind.

To reduce clutter, make sure you have the right storage to keep your belongings organised. Whatever the size of your space, whether you want to display or hide away clothing and possessions, wall-mounted bedroom storage has a lot to offer.

We’ve explored our favourite wall-mounted bedroom storage to reduce clutter and encourage a better night’s sleep.

Floor to ceiling shelving that maximises storage

Floor to ceiling storage can make a bedroom feel larger, drawing the eye towards the ceiling. For a sense of spaciousness, choose white fitted shelving on white walls. Our twin-slot shelving can be fitted in a range of sizes, from two shelf options to four shelf kits – enabling you to store clothes, accessories and storage boxes neatly.

Space-saving storage built into alcoves.

Does your bedroom have awkward corners or sloping ceilings? Make the most of every available inch. Squeeze much-needed storage in eaves or alcoves and maximise your floor space. Utilising awkward spaces helps to declutter without taking up valuable space.

Use your eaves or alcoves for fitted shelving and wall-mounted clothes rails. Or combine wall-mounted bedroom storage for a bespoke solution that works for you.


Cube shelving to showcase treasured items.

When organising clutter, don’t forget to keep possessions on display. Showcasing your most treasured items will add personality to your bedroom and create a more homely, inviting feel.

Display smaller items such as photo frames, home décor and accessories around your room using wire cube shelving.

Double height wall rails for a bespoke open wardrobe.

There’s nothing quite like bespoke storage. It gives you the ability to choose the exact storage solution to suit your needs. Instead of buying a pre-built or flat-pack wardrobe, create a bespoke solution using a wall-mounted double clothes rail. While you often lose space above a traditional wardrobe, a double rail makes the most of all available space.

Industrial hanging rails that make an impact

Your wall-mounted bedroom storage doesn’t have to be purely functional. Instead, look for designs that complement your décor and use your storage to create an impact. Industrial interior design is one of the most instagrammable design styles for 2022, coming 7th in our recent research into popular interiors.

The industrial aesthetic works perfectly in old character properties and modern mill conversions. Opt for a wall mounted industrial pipe hanging rail to add an industrial feel to your bedroom – both stylish and robust enough to hold bulky garments.



Stylish ladder shelves that add personality

Stylish ladder shelves that add personality

Ladder shelves are another popular interiors trend, with 27,100 searches for ‘ladder shelf’ each month in the UK alone. They’re perfect if you’re looking for wall-mounted bedroom storage for books, shoes or folded garments. Fix into alcoves to maximise space or create a focal point with multiple ladder shelving.

Innovative sloped clothes arms for deeper storage capacity

Deeper storage is more suitable for larger rooms and rooms with limited wall space. Add a sloped clothes arm to your wall storage to hang clothes outwards. But be careful not to overload your rail and always check your walls to ensure they can hold the weight

Matching small storage that hides away clutter

Don’t underestimate the impact of small storage to hide clutter. Small storage boxes are ideal for keeping smaller items organised. Categorise your boxes so that each has its purpose, ensuring you can always find something in a hurry. To keep your bedroom looking stylish, choose matching boxes with lids in neutral grey or colours that complement your décor.

Explore our wall-mounted clothes rails and twin-slot shelving collections to find the right solution for your bedroom. For more bedroom inspiration, read about the best storage to reduce clutter in small bedrooms and creative storage ideas for bedrooms without closets.