Why Are Posters an Effective Way to Advertise?

By Sam Iontton05/03/2024


We see posters everywhere – from promoting film and concert events to advertising sales and offers in stores. But in an increasingly digital world, how effective are posters in advertising? Should you include them in your marketing strategy? The short answer is yes! Read on for why they’re a highly effective way to promote your business, products or services.


Why are posters effective?

So, why use posters? Here are the top five reasons why posters are a great advertising tool for industries including retail, hospitality and arts and entertainment.

1. Visibility

Depending solely on digital marketing means limiting your reach. Don’t forget, not everyone is online; you could be losing potential customers by ignoring in-person advertising. One big benefit of posters is that they’re seen by a large number of people passing by – ensuring you’re not excluding any key demographics from your marketing campaign.


2. Far-Reaching

Posters can be placed in many different locations. Whether it be large scale or local advertising, posters can be adapted to suit every location. Placing posters in different high traffic areas will maximise exposure and guarantee they’ll be seen by the public, encouraging more visitors to your shop or event. Effective locations include:

  • Billboards
  • Public transport
  • Public restrooms
  • Shop windows
  • Storefronts


A1 A-board Pavement Sign Poster Display

3. Versatility

One of the biggest benefits of posters is how versatile they are. Posters can be made to fit any size frame and be portrait or landscape. Poster frames come in a variety of sizes, and you can also handily swap out your posters and other promotional materials whenever you need to.

Types of poster frames include:

4. Attention Grabbing

Successful posters grab attention. The eye-catching nature of them makes them memorable and, therefore, a fantastic marketing tool. They’re also great for prompting impulse purchases. If a customer sees promotional material online, it often doesn’t spark the same rapid response as in person. Whether it be promoting a sale, a new product, or a discount, posters are a highly effective way to give a call to action.

5. Affordability

Posters are also very cost-effective. While online marketing such as PPC or social media marketing can be costly, poster printing is usually a one-off payment and low cost – plus, there are often reductions for large bulk orders. Offering high exposure for a comparatively low cost, the ROI of posters is high for businesses.

6. Trust and Credibility

Posters often carry an inherent trust and credibility that digital ads might lack. The need for physical placement often means acquiring permissions and adhering to local regulations, which adds a level of legitimacy to the advertisement. This can make the audience more receptive to the message, knowing it has passed certain checks and balances.

7. Tangibility

The physical presence of posters offers a tangible interaction with the brand, something that digital ads cannot replicate. This tangibility can lead to a stronger connection with the audience, as it provides a real-world touchpoint for the brand. It makes the advertisement more relatable and memorable, enhancing its effectiveness.

8. Localised Targeting

Posters are excellent for targeted local marketing. They can be placed in specific neighbourhoods or areas to attract a particular demographic or local audience. This localised approach is particularly beneficial for small businesses or events looking to draw in a community-based audience.

9. Simplicity and Clarity

A well-designed poster communicates its message simply and clearly. Without the distractions and limitations of digital platforms, posters can convey a straightforward message that is easy for the audience to absorb and remember. This clarity is key in creating an effective and impactful advertising message.

10. Longevity

The longevity of posters is another significant advantage. While digital ads can be fleeting, disappearing after a brief online campaign, posters can remain in place for extended periods. This enduring presence allows for continual exposure to the message, reinforcing it each time it's seen by passersby.

These are just some of the reasons why posters are effective in advertising and marketing campaigns. By maximising visibility and attracting the attention of a wide range of demographics, posters are a fantastic marketing tool.

Whether your budget stretches to billboards or you’re looking for local marketing ideas, posters should be prioritised in any business strategy. Browse our full range of literature displays and signage for all our options here at Displaysense.